We created ThisGood as a brand for all.

Inspired based on a personal note.

For decades, ThisGood's parent company specialized in the professional service of health food and nutritional sector, as a supplier to healthcare businesses and end consumers. The company's focus remain until a personal experience hit. 

micro compressed nutrition.

We adopt biotechnology emphasizes on layers of compression, with strict process flow ensures quality uncompromised. Particles are minimized into micron-sizes for maximum absorption with high efficacy absorption and delivery system.

Topical Rejuvenation Essence for Overall Deep Restoration

The series that connects, unwinds, promote calmness and seeks inner balance for systemic refinement.

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Our Promise

About ThisGood

We take product quality as our highest priority, take pride on our sourcing origins and partner with world's top manufacturers. We have close relationship with the world's top manufacturers that have decades of experience producing for several major food & supplement brands.

All ThisGood products are screened with the strictest specification as our goal to deliver the highest quality product to the market.

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Our Commitment

Product Engineering

We emphasize on product efficacy as much as product quality, and only deliver products that work.

Our passion is to research, develop and engineer formulas. We have the top notch research and development team in the industry, dedicated to put these products to rounds of trial and testing, before distributing to the market.

Behind The Brand

our beliefs

Healthcare Subsidy

ThisGood contributes 20% nett profit after tax to ThisGood Healthcare Program. This is a pure initiative offered to our community as an aid to cover for healthcare related subsidization. Application is open for all, support will be provided in the form of monetary (cash) and out of goodwill.

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