ThisGood.Co Beliefs

We created ThisGood as a brand for all.

Inspired based on a personal note.

For decades, ThisGood's parent company is specialized in the professional service of health food and nutritional sector, as a supplier to healthcare businesses and end consumers. The company's focus remain until a personal experience hit. 

We guess, perception and beliefs do change with experience.

It was back in 2021, our principal's dear family was diagnosed with cancer. That, marked the start of constant need for medical screenings, treatment and medication, with healthcare cost that was required to pay in cash and no insurance coverage entitled. There was a day, while waiting for doctor's appointment, our principal overheard a patient's discussion with his family about weighing his treatment options and respective costs. It was this instant, our principal realized the number of families affected by this system, and this thought stayed with her since. 

Everyone deserves quality healthcare.

The process can be exhausting, both mentally and physically, for both patient and their family: the hope to carry before every doctor's visit, the courage to accept the outcome/news, the fear of losing people you love the most, the energy required to look around for the most suitable treatment choices, the assurance to pass on to the patient; this list can go on.

It was not easy, but the toughest time will pass.

Life consists of so many different phases that one must go through, we understand this. The company wishes to use thisgood as the medium to deliver hope and possibilities, at the same time shoulder off some expenses.

For thisgood, as a brand for all. 


Brand Goal: To deliver high quality, micro-compressed, nutritional products, care for individual's mental, social and physical wellbeing.

Imported origin We have close relationship with the world's top manufacturers that have decades of experience producing for several major food & supplement brands. ThisGood's line of products are carefully screened with the strictest specification as our goal to deliver the highest quality product to the market.

High manufacturing standard – All our facilities and equipment are held to the highest safety standards and regulations with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) implemented, ISO 9001:2008 certified and abide Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Product efficacy We emphasize on product efficacy as much as product quality, and only deliver products that work. We have the top notch research and development team in the industry, dedicated to put these products to rounds of trial and testing, before distributing to the market.


more than product,

THISGOOD Programs & Services

1. Healthcare Subsidy Program

ThisGood pledges to contribute 20% nett profit after tax to ThisGood Healthcare Program. This is a pure initiative offered to our community, a subsidy for healthcare related expenses. Application is open for all, support will be provided in the form of monetary (cash) and goodwill.

2. Be Personal

A platform to start a conversation anonymously, full contents will be kept private and personal. If you find it hard to cope and are not feeling comfortable sharing with people close to you, we are here to lend an ear to listen.